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My work as an architect, painter and professor of architecture calls me to communicate a unique understanding of space and the creation of place. Philosophically, my art intends to explore the rich terrain between the built and the un-built environment, the pasteurized landscape versus the edge of something un-kept or the blurred line between what we

build and the natural world. Egg tempera painting, the mixing of raw pigment with egg yolk, imparts a certain transparency and richness of color that allows a nuance and range not often seen in oil or watercolor. I have been working in egg tempera for 20 years and continue to focus on its unique characteristics.


My experience as an architect provides experience and expertise in the architectural design process, the inclusive collaboration involving the environment, client, consultants, and the community of users with an interface of visualization techniques using digital, drawing & modeling means. This process along with the subtler idioms of material and convention, form a more locally based design which thus becomes part of the textural community of space & time. Architecture does not stand alone. It is a public symbol of ancient traditions and modern forms that celebrate the gathering of humanity.